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We offer a unique solution for your clients who want to sell. Instead of listing the house, we will buy it AS-IS for cash, without any contingencies. Not only do you have the ‘traditional’ pitch of listing a seller’s house, but you now have a CASH offer in your arsenal to offer to your seller as well. Represent us (as the buyer) in the transaction and potentially earn commission on the buying side too! Our focus is on houses that need renovation or require a quick closing, and not on properties in good condition unless the seller has an urgent need to sell. We aim to create a win-win solution for all parties involved, especially for those situations where a traditional sale may not be the best option; such as an 'ugly' house, behind on payments, short sale, or a quick cash-out. With us, you now have another solution to offer your clients.

Joint Venture

Join us in a mutually beneficial joint venture where we combine our expertise, resources, and networks to help more homeowners and close more deals!

Business Consultation
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